AJC features Michelle Nunn’s op-ed “America Is Rising to the Service Challenge”

Mar 22, 2011

This morning the AJC featured an op-ed written by Michelle Nunn, CEO of Points of Light Institute.  The piece highlighted the Points of Light Institute Tribute event that occurred last night at the Kennedy Center where Presidents and citizens came together to honor President George H. W. Bush and celebrate the modern day service movement and resurgence of volunteerism since President George H. W. Bush’s term in office…

“Last night something rare occurred. Four presidents were scheduled to come together and not for an inauguration or a funeral. They joined together for a celebration of the unique spirit of volunteer service. At a time when our public discourse seems to feature nothing but animus, Monday night’s event at the Kennedy Center highlighted the ties that bind. “All Together Now, a Celebration of Service” cast a light on the shared belief in the power of individuals to create change.”

To read Michelle Nunn’s full op-ed highlighting the four President’s commitment to service since President George H. W. Bush click here.

We have seen a resurgence in volunteerism as the number of individuals volunteering annually have grown by 25 million in the past 20 years and the long-held, bipartisan heritage of service and volunteerism remains strong throughout Democratic and Republican Leaders in office.

“This continued commitment gives us hope for a better world — every person discovering their power to make a difference and to create healthy, engaged communities.”

AJC op-ed ‘America Is Rising to the Service Challenge’ By Michelle Nunn

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