Write a Guest Post

Mar 22, 2011

We encourage anyone who cares about service and volunteerism to submit a guest post.

To do so, simply e-mail your post, short bio, headshot and photos to accompany the post to Connect(at)HandsOnNetwork.org and add – NCVS blog post in the subject line.

Here are the editorial guidelines we ask you to follow:

Content: We are looking for session previews, best practices in volunteer management and other short articles related to service, volunteerism, civic engagement — mobilizing individuals to change the world.

Length: We prefer posts that are around 500 words in length. We’re not strict about this, but we suggest you use it as a rough guide.

Voice: First person, personal

By Line: Guests posts must have a named author – a person, not an organization. Please let us know how your bylilne should look (i.e. Tom Smith, Title, Organization). Additionally, please send a head shot photograph of yourself as we like to include a photo of the author next to the byline.

Bio: Please send a two sentence bio about the author to appear at the end of the post.

Style: We prefer posts written in an individual’s voice, from that person’s perspective. We prefer writing styles that read more like an individual would talk as opposed to a corporate document or press release. Posts may be serious or humorous, as long as they are authentic, personal and transparent. Posts that provide steps or tips usually get the most attention.

Call to Action: Whenever possible, posts should end with a call to action and links to get more involved.

Photos: Photos are encouraged. Guest authors should send suggested photos along with the post text.

Links: We encourage links to related material and/or references. Feel free to include links in your post.

Points of Light

We are champions of civic engagement with a mission to inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world.