Make the Case to Attend the 2022 Points of Light Conference

Apr 8, 2022

The 2022 Points of Light Conference is set to be a powerful and inspiring event. As in-person experiences are enjoying a comeback, we’re excited to host this year’s conference in person once again at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Now is the perfect time to make the case – to your employer or organization – to attend Conference.

If in-person attendance isn’t feasible, don’t worry. We’re also offering a virtual option so that you can benefit from the same phenomenal speakers and rich content.

Either way, it’s essential to approach your supervisor with well-crafted reasoning that highlights the benefits of attending. Plus, you can inspire others within your organization to also attend.

Asking for time off and coverage of registration expenses requires a solid understanding of the potential benefits to your supervisor, colleagues and stakeholders, as well as your organization as a whole. You can communicate these benefits clearly with the following easy-to-follow roadmap along with a prewritten letter designed to help get you to the 2022 Points of Light Conference.

Five Steps for Getting to Conference: 

  1. Map out the value of each experience. Identify the speakers and workshops you wish to see. When looking through the Conference agenda, keep an eye out for sessions that you believe will help you develop both your skills and your network.  
  2. Identify your organization’s greatest challenge or an area of strategic focus and tie it to key sessions being offered at Conference. 
  3. Make a plan that outlines how your workload will be handled while you’re away including how, if necessary, technology can keep you accessible. 
  4. Pitch your plan to your supervisor. Once you’ve listed the sessions that will be of greatest value to your workplace, put your request in writing. The editable sample letter below is an excellent place to start!
  5. Propose a time after your return when you will share with your coworkers and supervisor the fresh ideas, best practices and contacts you’ve gained at Conference through a presentation or lunch-and-learn.  

Five Ways You’ll Add Value to Your Organization After Conference: 

Here are just a few of the ways you’ll add value to your organization after the event. These reasons can help you demonstrate to your supervisor why your organization can’t afford to let you miss this power-packed event! The 2022 Points of Light Conference will help you: 

  1. Add more innovation and thought leadership to your organization. With a robust lineup of speakers and workshops, the Points of Light Conference is uniquely positioned to not just track trends but inspire you to start some of your own. 
  2. Learn new ways to help your organization become more efficient, effective and economical. 
  3. Gain professional development tips that will make you better at your job and help elevate your organization. 
  4. Return with a renewed sense of enthusiasm about your work when you hear our inspiring speakers and network with your fellow attendees. 
  5. Attending conference sessions can be applied toward the education requirement for initial CVA Certification or CVA Renewal. CVA certification is the only internationally recognized credential in the field of Volunteer Administration. 

We’re cheering you on as you advocate for your professional development, your continued education and your organization’s growth. We can’t wait to see you at the 2022 Points of Light Conference!

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