Top Five Resources for Volunteers Who Want to Create Projects

Nov 26, 2014

Whether you’re a budding or longtime volunteer, these resources can get you on your way to developing your own projects with your family, friends and neighbors. For a searchable list of volunteer resources, please visit the HandsOn Network Resource Library. And if you aren’t quite ready to start your own project, you can search for local opportunities on All For Good.


Volunteer With Your Family

What better way to teach your children the joy of helping others than through community service? If you’re a parent looking for family-friendly volunteer opportunities, generationOn’s Family Project Guide can help.

This step-by-step guide teaches you how to shape your family volunteer project as it evolves. By offering questions you discuss as a family, you can find service opportunities that mesh with everyone’s interests, ages and energy levels. 

Organize a Food Drive

Imagine never knowing if, when or how you were going to get your next meal. For 45.3 million Americans, that is what life is like every day. There are ways you can help, including organizing a food drive in your community. See this guide.

Organizing a food drive is a manageable project for volunteer veterans and beginners alike. These comprehensive instructions map out the steps, including such essential questions as: Who will lead this project with you? And, how do you promote the food drive?

Organize a Disaster Kit

Preparing a disaster kit – ready to grab on the go – can lessen the fear, anxiety and losses that stem from a disaster. Organizing a disaster kit project in your community can help educate and prepare others in case disaster strikes.

You don’t have to be a disaster expert to organize a community-wide disaster kit project. With these guidelines, planning this project is straightforward and easy. Also check out Good & Ready for more tips and advice.

Become a Volunteer Leader

Sure, you care about the quality of your community, but what can you do to improve it? With the HandsOn! Volunteer Leader Guidebook, you can help lead volunteers in making positive change.

The guidebook walks you through how to successfully organize and lead a community service project. Equipped with tools and tips, including worksheets, the guidebook outlines how to develop, implement and wrap up a project in seven simple steps.

Tell Your Story

Gathering a strong and supportive team can be one of the most challenging aspects of a community service project. If you’re looking to educate, inspire and garner support, check out HandsOn Network’s Passion into Action: Telling Your Story.

The guide lists a wide range of ways to publicize your message, from posters to media campaigns to online social networks, and more. This resource also offers recommendations about marketing and provides tips on how to publicize your cause.