Points of Light stands against hate and terrorism and is deeply saddened and outraged by the horrific attack by the Hamas terrorist group on the people of Israel and the Jewish community on October 7, 2023. There is no justification for these appalling atrocities and terrorism in our world. Points of Light values human life and everyone’s right to dignity.

We support Israelis, the Jewish community, and Israeli and Palestinian civilians and families in the region who are facing more bloodshed, loss of life and a long-term humanitarian crisis that will reverberate for generations. We condemn antisemitism and express grave concern that the attacks on the Jewish community will further perpetuate antisemitic movements and actions.

We have been in close touch with our Global Network affiliate in Israel, Ruach Tova, to receive updates on their safety, listen and learn from their direct experience, and assess how we can best support. Our priority is to raise awareness and strengthen support for their humanitarian relief efforts for civilians in the region including providing medical equipment, generators and protective gear to communities surrounding the Gaza strip. Ruach Tova is doing essential work to connect organizations in need of assistance with potential volunteers during wartime.

How To Help

For those looking for the most impactful and immediate ways to help, Ruach Tova recommends contacting them directly for urgent funding opportunities and to coordinate specific needs, or alternatively sending donations to United Hatzalah, an NGO that specializes in providing rapid medical treatment through a fleet of specially equipped motorcycle ambulances reaching parts of Southern Israel and Jewish and Arab communities otherwise cut off from humanitarian aid and a network of more than 6,500 volunteer medics.

Points of Light recognizes that this will be a long-term humanitarian crisis and relief efforts for civilians will encounter a myriad of challenges. Our goal is to provide resources to support civilians and NGOs in or with connections to the region doing humanitarian work including:

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
Mercy Corps
American Friends of Magen David Adom Donation Fund
Ruach Tova, Give now
Save the Children Donation Fund
United Hatzalah of Israel
World Central Kitchen