Our Global Network affiliates in the region and around the world are doing essential work that is profoundly needed. We are shining a light on all the many ways they are activating and sharing what they need most in order to continue serving effectively through the Ukrainian crisis.

What Our Affiliates Are Doing:

  • Recruitment and management of volunteers
  • Organizing donation drives for food, equipment and medicine, along with corporate and NGO partner organizations
  • Systemizing and summarizing information about helping refugees from Ukraine with volunteering, donations and pro bono work
  • Engaging the youth volunteering community on how they can help during this humanitarian crisis

How Points of Light is Supporting:

  • Identifying needs to better match and source available resources
  • Providing financial support to affiliates impacted by this crisis

Biggest Challenges:

  • Staff capacity
  • Technology
  • Translators

Current Needs:

  • Financial Support
  • Volunteer Management Software
  • Mental Health Support
  • Transportation of volunteers, resources and supplies

Most Impacted and Active Global Network Affiliates Working in and Around the Ukraine Crisis:

UPDATE: Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners are poised to help. Funding is the most pressing and immediate need with the potential to have the biggest impact. If your organization would like to make donations for disaster relief to Points of Light to support the Ukraine Crisis Response Fund, please contact Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Rick Bell to learn more.