Learn How to Get Involved

Explore our resources and recommendations on virtual volunteerism for individuals who want to volunteer from inside their home, and safety tips for those who choose to volunteer outside of their home.

How Your Organization Can Make an Impact

Global Volunteer Month recognizes everyday volunteer heroes and supports employees and community members meeting community needs. It can also support achieving valuable outcomes.

Consumers support brands whose mission, vision and values align with the issues that matter to them. When consumers participate in volunteering with your company, and promote their impact through your initiatives, the brand builds consumer trust and equity.

When you are recognizing someone’s actions, you are also lifting them up as a role model. Recognition of employee volunteers and volunteer champions can help set benchmarks for volunteer excellence.

Volunteers are a tremendous human capital resource for communities, and companies can step up to lend their time and talent to drive positive impact in those communities. ​

Each act of service can help improve a nonprofit’s effectiveness, efficiency and reach, along with delivering critical programs and services. For the volunteer, serving others leads to greater satisfaction and pride, amplified awareness of the issues affecting their community, increased self-confidence, an improvement in skills and a myriad of health benefits.