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Service Enterprise is delivered in partnership with organizations trained and equipped by Points of Light to guide local organizations through a comprehensive assessment, training, coaching and certification process. 

The Process for Becoming a Hub

If you’re interested in becoming a Service Enterprise Hub, review the program details and complete the application. If you have questions regarding the application process, reach out via our contact page.

Application Process

Applications for future Hubs are currently being considered on an ad-hoc basis. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to request more information.

Watch our recruiting and technical assistance webinar, “Be a Leader in Volunteer Engagement in Your Community: Become a Service Enterprise Hub,” to learn about the benefits of becoming a Hub, how the program works and its record of impact, and more.



Currently, new Hubs are being considered on an ad-hoc basis. There are no set recruitment dates at this time.



Applications are accepted from the following types of organizations:

  • Points of Light Network affiliates in good standing
  • State Service Commissions, state nonprofit associations or state volunteer associations
  • Foundations
  • National organizations with affiliated networks
  • City volunteer offices

Applications are reviewed on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated track record of success, including successful implementation of previous programs and grants in partnership with Points of Light
  • Demonstrated capacity, experience and positive reputation in delivering training and capacity building services to organizations in the service area
  • Experience providing coaching/consulting services to organizations in the service area
  • Ability to reach a large network of nonprofits in your community
  • Financial and human resources to support effective implementation of projects model

Applications received by the deadline will be reviewed against the selection criteria outlined above and may require further conversation with the applicant. 


Hubs lead organizations pursuing Service Enterprise certification through the following process:

  • 2-hour orientation, followed by a Service Enterprise Diagnostic, which measures current volunteer engagement practices
  • 2-hour pre-training meeting, which includes a consultative session on the results of the Service Enterprise Diagnostic
  • 16-hour Service Enterprise training
  • 5-10 hours of additional coaching for each organization
  • Final certification


Hubs are expected to:

  • Work with 5-10 organizations yearly in their service area to meet one of the following:
    • Certification as a Service Enterprise
    • Completion of Service Enterprise training series and coaching
    • Completion of the Service Enterprise Diagnostic with pre-training meetings scheduled with participating organizations
  • Agree to certify as a Service Enterprise with 18 months of operating as a Hub.
  • Sign a Points of Light Service Enterprise license agreement for the term of the license.
  • Pay licensing and program fees.
  • Secure resources for expenses necessary to support effective implementation of the initiative, including staffing the program and certifying as a Service Enterprise, attending the Hub training, and delivering the training and coaching to cohorts.

Benefits of Becoming a Service Enterprise Hub

Service Enterprise Hubs are an important partner in Points of Light’s capacity-building strategy. As local leaders in nonprofit capacity-building and volunteer engagement, Hubs receive the following support from Points of Light:

Local License

Service Enterprise Hubs have exclusive rights to use the Service Enterprise curriculum and program materials in a defined geographic area.

Access to the Diagnostic

You'll have access to the Service Enterprise Diagnostic, an online, research-based tool that assesses volunteer engagement practices and gives tailored recommendations for improvement.

A Proven Program

You’ll have access to a piloted and proven program that helps organizations rise to the top 11% of U.S. nonprofits in volunteer management and organizational performance.

Sector Influence

Implement and shape a leading volunteer engagement program which can build your organization’s credibility and influence.

Curriculum Materials

You'll be a licensed partners with access to curriculum and materials. The two-year renewable license includes marketing and outreach materials, training and coaching content, and more.

Access to Networks

Join Points of Light’s national Hub community of organizations that connect to share best practices.

Request More Information

Interested in becoming a Service Enterprise Hub and want more information? Send us your inquiry, and our team will get in touch with you!