Sara Hamilton

Affiliate Assembly Liaison, Collaborative Fundraising Subcommittee Executive Director, Boston Cares (U.S.)

Sara joined Boston Cares in 2010 and has served as executive director since 2019. A Michigan native, Sara found a love for community engagement and service while attending college in Boston and then started her career in the sector with Chicago Cares. Following Hurricane Katrina’s devastation of the Gulf Coast, Sara moved to Biloxi, Mississippi, where she managed a live-in disaster-response volunteer center and launched a 70-member AmeriCorps program. Between her time at Points of Light affiliates, Sara also served at Northeastern University’s Center for Community Service, managing co-curricular service opportunities for students. During her time at Boston Cares, Sara has managed corporate and community partnerships, launched new program models, served as co-chair of the Massachusetts VOAD, deployed to New York to support Points of Light affiliates after Hurricane Sandy and led the organization through the pandemic. Sara holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a Master’s in Nonprofit Management from Northeastern University. She lives just outside of Boston in southern New Hampshire with her husband, dogs and cats. She enjoys exploring good food and beer, and participating in local politics.