Building the Case for Investment: Why Employee Community Engagement Matters Webinar

Webinar Held March 29, 2024

As corporate social impact practitioners, we know that employee community engagement programs can foster a sense of community, boost employee morale and productivity, combat polarization and ultimately contribute to the bottom-line. But how do you illustrate the value in a way that garners program and infrastructure investment?

Join us to explore the benefits of employee community engagement and its impact on business success. In this session, we will dig into recent research from Ares Management and additional proof points that not only demonstrate the intrinsic value of employee community engagement and how it aligns with broader business goals but also showcase how forward-thinking companies have successfully secured financial investment from senior leadership.

Top Takeaways:

  • Know your audience. Tailor your messaging, format and timing in order to have the best reception.
  • Preparation is key. Start collecting data now that can be useful when you need to build a case.
  • Look for opportunities. Know what’s happening in the short and long term and use it to your advantage.
  • Stay relevant. Connect social impact work to the challenges your leadership is facing and how it can help them achieve business or their professional goals.
  • Try testing first. Experimenting can give you proof of potential enterprise-wide outcomes and can be an easier sell.

Resources Mentioned: