Racial Healing: Understanding Racial Identity, Systemic Racism, and How to Become a Racial Ally

Allyship, Listen & Learn, Racial Justice, Social Justice

Education is a key step in the fight to end racism. On Jan. 12, 2021, Anneliese A. Singh, Ph.D., LPC, author, professor and Associate Provost for Diversity and Faculty Development at Tulane University, helped raise our race-consciousness by challenging stereotypes, reframing the history of racism and its impact on our lives, and share why healing from racism is an integral part of dismantling it, along with speaker Doug Osborne, M.A., health educator, Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium and moderator Jennifer Nash, vice president, corporate solutions and capacity building, Points of Light. Attendees learned strategies for self-reflection, how oppression happens and the steps to becoming a racial ally.