The Civic 50 2017 Benchmarking Report

Inspiring and Leading in Times of Change: Insights and Best Practices from The 2017 Civic 50

The Civic 50

The 2017 Civic 50 represents the very best of business in America. Each company on this list has made exemplary commitments to the cities and neighborhoods where their employees live and work. At a time when change is sweeping every corner of the globe and redefining everything from geopolitical alliances and neighborhood divides to individual liberties and human rights, businesses and the millions of individuals they represent are being called to serve, engage, and lead in new ways. The companies who we honor are contemporary examples of the words of President George H.W. Bush in his 1991 speech to graduates at the University of Michigan, “… muster the courage to be what I call a point of light. We live in the most exciting period of my lifetime, quite possibly of yours. The old way of doing things have run their course. Find new ones. Dare to serve others, and future generations will never forget the example you set.”

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