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GenerationOn and Scholastic Party With A Purpose

Today's post is written by Jonah and Kayleigh, New York City Civic Corps members serving their terms as Service Coordinators with generationOn.

On Valentine’s Day, Scholastic store put on a 50th Birthday Bash for Clifford the Big Red Dog at their flagship store on Broadway. The iconic publishing house partnered with generationOn to throw an event that would celebrate a titan (in more ways than one!) of children’s literature and give back to the community at the same time.

The Power of Collaborative Volunteering: OneOC & CVCOC Oak View Project

Today's guest post is written by Dan McQuaid, President/CEO of OneOC. Dan has more than 25 years of leadership experience as a chief executive officer, community leader, board chairperson, organization consultant and trainer.

Freshly painted public spaces including a concrete skateboard platform, playgrounds, and school buildings along with improvements to soccer fields and school gardens made in the low-income Oak View neighborhood of Huntington Beach were the outward results of the first combined volunteer project planned and executed by the Corporate Volunteer Council of Orange County (CVCOC) with project coordination by OneOC.

Change Notes: Civic Accelerator Gives Today's Start-Ups a Boost


Twenty years ago, a group of friends and I started HandsOn Atlanta in a bar by passing a beer mug for donations. I can still vividly recall the energy and excitement of dreaming up something new, of being a part of creating a way for people to participate. So it's a real thrill to be able to play a part now in supporting the development of the next generation of social entrepreneurs.

Stepping Outside of Your Volunteer Box

Today's blog is written by Amanda who is a blogger as well as a former newborn care nurse.

When it comes to volunteering most people immediately jump on the ‘feel good’ mission and choose an organization or task that makes them smile. For me, volunteering my time at the local animal shelter or the children’s hospital would be my ‘feel good’. I love anything that barks, purrs or had four legs and as far as children go, they have a spirit that puts a smile on my face. Do a little dance, read a book, throw a ball- children and animals are easy to please.

Community of Service

Today's post is written by E.Louise Larson, a HandsOn Tech VISTA and recent transplant in Pittsburgh, PA. As an advocate of community and economic development, she can be found researching how communities adopt new technology. Her spare time is spent fretting over the GRE’s calculus section.

The call came while I was driving through an underpass. “Hello Louise. My name is [STATIC], calling from [STATIC]. Do you have a minute to discuss this opportunity?” Knowing this was a call back from Alex Trebek, I stayed on the line.

Eat to Live: Reducing Your Cancer Risk with Plant Foods

February is Cancer Awareness Month. Today's post is written by Peter Ewens, the President and CEO of Natural Horizons Wellness Centers, based in Fairfax, Virginia. Natural Horizons is an integrative medicine and wellness practice that provides its patients with holistic cancer treatment programs, biological dentistry, pain management therapies and much more.

Volunteers’ work is critical in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy… and all Disasters

Today's post is written by Jeff Hoffman, a board member of Points of Light and president of Jeff Hoffman & Associates, a global philanthropy and civic engagement firm. This content is republished from the Jeff Hoffman & Associates blog on Feb. 12, 2013.

Friday Volunteer News Round Up!

Happy Friday! Have you been doing some awesome February volunteering? Share with us! Yesterday was Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Find out ways you can still partake.

The Civic 50: Why IBM's Integrated Commitments Makes it America’s Most Community-Minded Company

Today's post is republished from CSR Wire, originally published on Feb. 12, 2013. In part one of a new series on CSRwire Talkback examining the seven dimensions, Jackie Norris, Executive Director of Points of Lights' Corporate Institute decodes the first one: community partnerships.

Tania Zirn, a software engineer with IBM, had been volunteering at her local school in Chester, N.H. since her oldest son was in first grade.

Reflections from a 2012 Hasbro Community Action Hero

In May 2012, six young people were honored as Hasbro Community Action Heroes and recognized for their achievements in volunteer service and contributions to their communities and the world. Each of the six young people, who ranged in age from 8 to 16, exemplified Hasbro’s commitment to the transformative power of service and embodied generationOn’s mission to inspire, equip, and mobilize youth to take action that changes the world and themselves through service.

In today’s post Nina Mahalingam, one of those six tremendous youth, reflects on her experience as a 2012 Hasbro Community Action Hero.

A Moment When Service Shined

Today's blog is written by Courtney Murphy, Manager, Strategic Engagement for CECP. This is reposted from the CECP blog on Feb. 14, 2013.

February 13, 2013--Last week, I had the opportunity to tour the Hurricane Sandy relief and recovery projects in the Far Rockaways in Queens with Points of Light as part of their Corporate Service Council meeting.

Change Notes: The Presidential Citizens Medal goes to one of my heroes

Friends, I'm happy to join a chorus of celebrants in paying tribute to our nation's most passionate advocate for national and community service and one of my heroes, Harris Wofford. Last week President Obama gave Harris and 17 others the Citizens Medal, the highest honor a civilian can receive. As the President explained, the medal honors "the courageous heart, the selfless spirit, the inspiring actions of extraordinary Americans."

Serve Rhode Island’s Volunteers Respond to Winter Storm Nemo

Winter storm Nemo dumped more than two feet of snow and left more than 187,000 Rhode Islanders without power this past week. With many people stuck in their homes from the snow pile up WPRI/Fox Providence teamed up with United Way 211 and Serve Rhode Island to help dig Rhode Islanders out of the aftermath of the blizzard.

Friday Volunteer News Round Up

Happy Friday! Yesterday was Valentines Day, or for some a day of giving. Check out this cute video of first graders explaining what Valentine's Day is for them. If you took your significant other out on a date, here are some other fun volunteer dates you could partake in throughout the year.

Ways to Spread the LOVE this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about couples and mooshy lovey dovey stuff. Everyone can use this day to spread the love in all of their life relationships, especially the one with yourself. Treat yourself to something nice. Say hello to strangers. Connect with people in your everyday life.

The Gift of Service

Today's post is republished from the AmeriCorps Alums blog who, as part of Black History Month, is sharing inspiring stories from Black and African American alumni of AmeriCorps throughout February. Our first post comes from Tomika Anderson, a two-term AmeriCorps Alum and current AmeriCorps Program Manager at Playworks. Read more stories on their blog all month long.

How Do We Plan A Global Volunteer Event?

Today’s post is written by Cynthia Tereasa Jones, Manager, Community Involvement at Mondelēz International, who will be hosting a free live webcast, in partnership with Points of Light, this Wednesday, February 13, 2013,2:00-3:00pm EST. Register today!

When the company wanted to establish a global week of volunteer service, I was relatively new to the area.  Although I was familiar with coordinating volunteer events, such as one or two days of service in six states no doubt, I could only imagine the task ahead of us. Our charge was to develop a global week of volunteer service, recruit as many countries to participate as possible and do so with very little staff.

Friday Volunteer News Round Up

Happy Friday! We hope you read our 14 ways to spread kindness blog earlier this week and have been spreading kindess :-) What have you been doing to go out of your way to make people's days? Share with us in comments!

How We Can Change the World

Change Notes: Five Years Later, Reflections on a Merger


When President George H. W. Bush described his vision of 1,000 points of light, I was one of a handful of 20-somethings in Atlanta trying to build a movement of people who wanted to roll up their sleeves and solve local problems. It was 1989, and we were raising money by asking people to fill up empty beer mugs with small donations.

At the same time, President Bush was assembling an influential group of business and community leaders at Camp David to launch a new voice for volunteer service supported by millions in federal funding.

An Argument Against Trying to Save the World

Today's post is written by Graham McLaughlin, a Corporate Institute Leadership Faculty Member and the Director of Community Impact at The Advisory Board Company, a global research, consulting, and technology firm partnering with 125,000 leaders in 3,200 organizations across health care and higher education.

14 Ways to Spread Kindness to Strangers and Friends in Honor of Valentine’s Day

Maybe you like Valentine’s Day, maybe you don’t. Regardless- here are certain acts of kindness/social good activities you can partake in your daily life to spread love to your community…

Five Tips for Adults Working with Teen Volunteers

Today’s guest post comes from Michael LaRue, a Teen Volunteer Leader with HandsOn Suburban Chicago. This blog is reposted from the HandsOn blog on 1/31/13.

1)      Let us know our boundaries: When you put teens in charge of something make sure you let them know their boundaries in the leadership. There have been many volunteer activities that I have participated in where I had no idea what I was supposed to do when it came to leadership. Whether it be overstepping my boundaries and giving instructions that the teen should not be giving. Or just standing there not knowing where to start because there have been people doing the jobs you thought were directed towards you.

Friday Volunteer News Round Up

Happy Friday! It's been an exciting week, still getting recaps from Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, getting excited for the super bowl and the launch of our Conference registration!