Women of Worth

Apr 12
Posted by Robby Montgomery to Daily Point of Light, Women of Worth, Volunteer Stories

“The arts work to restore dignity, encouraging the survivor’s voice to come out of hiding and help create the safety of exploring extremely painful stories in a positive and productive way,” said Anne Pollack. “Art is a deeply reliable companion and an indescribably powerful coping strategy to manage PTSD. It restores a sense of inner peace and order in lives that are so deserving of our support.”

Apr 05

“I grew up as a foster child and was later adopted. I never truly fit in or knew who I was,” said Tee Hanible, founder of Operation Heroes Connect. “I’ve turned my pain into helping and inspiring young people to reach their full potential just as others helped me. The moral to this story is to never let your current pain consume you; use it as a platform to reach your greatest calling!”

Mar 28

Angie Pratt is the mother-in-law of a U.S. Marine who was injured in Afghanistan. That sparked Angie’s curiosity about veterans’ issues. “I came across an article about how service dogs help veterans who have physical injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder, or traumatic brain injuries." In 2013, Angie started a new venture, Soldier On Service Dogs.

Dec 26

Whether it’s the glare from my neighbors’ overdone rooftop spectacle, the simple beauty of the menorah that graces my friend’s table or the glow of the Advent candles on mine, it seems to me this season is all about light. And especially this year, against the tragedy, terror and turmoil that regularly appear on my newsfeed, I’ve found precious measures of hope and solace in the season’s rituals and the promise of light that dispels darkness.