Women of Worth

Dec 26

Whether it’s the glare from my neighbors’ overdone rooftop spectacle, the simple beauty of the menorah that graces my friend’s table or the glow of the Advent candles on mine, it seems to me this season is all about light. And especially this year, against the tragedy, terror and turmoil that regularly appear on my newsfeed, I’ve found precious measures of hope and solace in the season’s rituals and the promise of light that dispels darkness.

Oct 25
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“We exist for one simple, critical reason,” said Carly Yoost, a dynamic entrepreneur who worked fearlessly to co-create the Child Rescue Coalition. “To protect children from sexual abuse and emotional suffering, and rescue them from harm’s way.”

Oct 24

Kathy Tillotson founded Build Futures, an organization that gets homeless kids off the streets quickly, not only finding them permanent housing, but helping them become self-sufficient – often within months – by finishing school, finding jobs, and breaking bad habits like substance abuse or reckless spending.

Oct 20
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“If this had happened to me or to Rory’s dad, Rory would have been saying, ‘Mom, Dad, we have to do something.’ We can’t bring Rory back, but it has become a mission for us to have people in our community and all over the U.S. … be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of sepsis, so they can advocate for their own care with doctors and healthcare professionals,” said Orlaith Staunton, who lost her son, Rory, to sepsis in 2012.