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Guess Who’s Coming to Supper: Points of Light America’s Sunday Supper

Today's post is written by Bethany Hamilton, JD, NACHC Community HealthCorps Program Officer and AmeriCorps Alums NAC Member. This is reposted from the AmeriCorps Alums blog published today on 1/30/13.

Change Notes: General Colin Powell, Alma Powell Kick Off Points of Light's Sunday Supper Series to Bring People to the Table


The word "supper" means different things to different people, but for me it evokes memories of a big Southern fried chicken dinner around my grandmother's dining room table with family and friends and lots of stories, arguments and jokes.

Gathering around a common table has always been central to creating community and finding solutions. Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed of "the table of brotherhood." And there was a reason that one of the most potent acts of the civil rights movement was the simple insistence on having a seat at the table in restaurants across the South.

To Serve is a Lifestyle

Today’s post is written by Tess Pajaron, who is part of Open Colleges. As an advocate to systematic instruction and teaching, she can also be found working behind InformED, a blog about e-learning and education. In her spare time, she loves to travel and read about life, instruction and psychology.

The desire to live a serving and giving lifestyle is not something we are born with. Humans are selfish by nature and the instinct to put our own needs above those of another is decidedly strong.