325th Maintenance

Daily Point of Light # 3261 Aug 4, 2006

During the hurricane season, the proud members of the 325th Maintenance Company dedicated their time and lives in support of the hurricane relief during September 2004.

During this challenging time the men and women of this organization ensured that food, medical, water, ice and all other needs to relive the suffering were distributed immediately upon demand. They worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week in this operation that was conducted from Palm Beach. The efforts supported all counties on the East coast from Brevard to Key West.

The accomplishment and response to their achievement ensured that all counties in their area of responsibility were supplied with immediate relief which had a positive and immediate impact to bring the hardest hit areas back to life. Thousands of citizens of Florida lined the streets for help and the 325th Maintenance Company came to their rescue and assistance to bring food, water, ice and smiles in this time of distress.

The dedication and service without hesitation to help people in distress is the moral and courage that the men and women of this organization possess every day. They all shine everyday but showed their true bright and proud colors when they left their homes and families for an extended period of time and fill the needs of the hurricane victims. No other small organization was more willing to volunteer first, be the first on the battlefield to help the cause to assist the Hurricane victims, and still until this day willing to help further to the end.