Abigail Brown

Daily Point of Light # 6215 Mar 12, 2018
Abigail (second from left) delivers wagons to the Dayton's Children's Hospital with Red Wagon Campaign partners from the Cincinnati Reds, who visit the hospital once a year to meet with patients and hand out team gear./Courtesy Abigail Brown

Minister, Ohio, teen Abigail Brown volunteers with the Red Wagon Campaign (RWC), which supplies hospitalized children with toys, arts & crafts supplies, and other donated materials. As a RWC volunteer, Abigail contacted local businesses for donations and was able to raise enough money to purchase 14 wagons. The wagons are used to collect donations, deliver items to the hospital, and provide rides to children in the hospital as they are transported to treatments.

“Abby helped triple donations for RWC,” said the organization’s founder Rosie Westerbeck. “She even conducted [our] first promotional video, and lead a group of six underclassmen in uniting a community of 3,000 for this meaningful cause.”

Abigail believes that volunteering brings communities together, which is why she was inspired to serve. “If we all join forces, we can make this world a beautiful and inclusive place to live,” she said.

Abigail also volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Monnier Carnival Fundraiser.

Do you want to make a difference in your community like Abigail? Visit All For Good to find local volunteer opportunities.

Jia Gayles