Adner Marcelin

Daily Point of Light # 4203 Mar 15, 2010

When dealing with the well being of the community, Adner Marcelin has no boundaries. A friend once told him that he could not invest his personal finances in his community. He simply said, “If it will help one person improve their situation, then it improves the community that I am a part of. That’s money well spent.”

Adner, 22, strives to make a positive influence in his community. He has mentored young people with Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Big Bend and the NAACP Youth Council to make a difference with others. Instead of merely talking about change, Adner takes initiative to make it happen. He founded Marcelin & Mason Community Outreach, Inc., a non-profit organization that leads dedicated individuals to mitigate the needs of the community through community service, empowerment and education

Disaster relief, food and clothing drives and environmental clean-ups are some of the community service opportunities focused to educate others how important it is to give back regardless of status in life. Empowerment in the community focuses on financial education, health awareness, and other self-improvement tips. Marcelin & Mason Community Outreach Inc.’s last mission is to encourage others to be ambitious, providing scholarships to reward hard-working students in need.

Due to Adner’s dedication and service, his community senses that someone truly cares. After a Back To School Drive Adner held in August 2009, a young girl ran up and hugged him, thanking him for the backpack she has for school. His effect on his community has given people a new attitude and outlook on life.