Todd Schmidt

Daily Point of Light # 4202 Mar 12, 2010

Todd Schmidt knows sacrifice. As a U.S. Army Soldier of 13 years, he dedicates every day of his life to serving his country, and his unwavering desire to serve transcends patriotism.

Surveying local schools during his deployment in Afghanistan, he noticed the students desperately needed basic classroom and school supplies. After expressing his concern in letters for Afghan school conditions, his desire to better the Afghan community fostered several anonymous U.S. donors to send care packages on his behalf. Todd has since founded and led Operation Dreamseed, an organization that supports and funds education initiatives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Colombia and Nicaragua.

Working to build, restore and renovate schools in Afghanistan, Todd works to give students quality for their educational efforts. In Afghanistan, he learned how important a solid education contributes to the stability and security of a global community, especially in countries blighted by conflict. As a result, Todd works to build schools and supply countless students with school supplies through Army units as well as establish English Language education scholarships in Nicaragua.

From Todd’s efforts, he and other volunteers have provided countless students in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Colombia and Nicaragua with the school supplies they need. The organization has rebuilt two schools in Afghanistan, supplied school necessities to several orphanages in Colombia and schools in Kosovo, and granted two scholarships to exceptional Nicaraguan students in 2009 to learn English.

Operation Dreamseed works to educate young minds, helping students receive the proper nurturing and care they need to succeed. For Todd, he knows that helping these children cultivates the seeds to help their dreams become reality.