Grace, Sharon and Eric Li

Daily Point of Light # 4201 Mar 11, 2010

In May 2008 when Grace, Sharon, and Eric Li observed the terrible disaster caused by a large earthquake in China, they founded the non-profit We Care Act at just 12, 11 and 7 years old.
We Care Act aides child disaster victims who suffer from lack of food, clothing, access to education and emotional support. We Care Act volunteers have provided food, clothing, books and a sense of community to survivors of the 2008 earthquake in China, Hurricane Ike and the recent earthquake in Haiti.
Through We Care Act, Grace, Sharon and Eric engage youth around the world to help others in need. They have recruited 30 team leaders from China, Canada, Singapore and the United States to get involved in disaster relief and community service. We Care Act unites young people through service and develops leadership skills in young volunteers to help them act as team leaders. We Care Act volunteers talk with friends and neighbors, educate the greater community and collect donations for disaster relief.
Utilizing school-wide donations of clothing and book drives at local elementary, middle and junior high schools, We Care Act has raised approximately $12,000 in funds and collected over 4,500 items, valued at an estimated $24,000 for survivors of disaster relief in the last two years.
The siblings
Grace, Sharon, and Eric Li are unique. At very young ages, they show determination and entrepreneurial spirits. They connect with family and friends to influence others and use their unique skill sets to provide needed supplies for natural disaster survivors.