Alexandra Minutillo

Daily Point of Light # 5547 Aug 19, 2015

While different treatments and medicines are necessary in treating those with a life-threatening illness, a dose of love and support can go a long way in healing as well. Though she is no Doctor, Alexandra Minutillo has been on a mission, using her love and compassion to treat teens stricken with Cancer.
As founder of the non-profit company Kids Helping Kids with a Smile, Inc., Minutillo has created avenues to service teens and pre-teens at the Smilow Cancer Center at the Yale New Haven Children's Hospital. Minutillo, who is always willing to help others, wanted to assist children in some capacity, but wasn't sure how. After reaching out to a Child Life Specialist at the Smilow Cancer Center, who expressed that many efforts are geared toward young children but not as much attention on the teen demographic, Minutillo knew where she can make a difference.
Smiles for Smilow, the first program under Kids Helping Kids with a Smile, focuses on teens and preteens by providing resources to help with their treatment. Smiles for Smilow collects donations, distributes gift cards, and other sources of entertainment and goods for teens to enjoy, hoping to make their road to recovery a little less bumpy. 
With Minutillo expected to graduate high school soon, she can definitely relate to those teenage years. Knowing that 25-30% of Cancer patients are of her similar age and that more of an effort can be made in helping them, Minutillo made it her responsibility to change that. She has engaged over 35 of her classmates and numerous adults, urging them to share some love and support for these children who need it most.

Dev Staff