Laurel Sybilrud

Daily Point of Light # 5548 Aug 20, 2015

Last year alone, thousands of lives were lost in the state of Georgia due to breast cancer. This year, because of the actions of Laurel Sybilrud, that number is sure to decrease.
In Georgia, if there are any new efforts in the fight against breast cancer, there's a good chance that Sybilrud is behind it. As a founding board member and grant chair for It's The Journey, Inc., Sybilrud has helped change Georgia's breast cancer community.
Understanding that the fight against breast cancer is in fact a journey, It's The Journey, Inc., is dedicated toward helping patients with that daily struggle. Founded in 2002, It's The Journey is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization. Their mission is to strengthen Georgia's breast cancer community by raising money and awareness for local organizations throughout Georgia that focus on breast cancer education, screening, early detection, supportive services and continuing care.
Each year, It's The Journey hosts the Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. Sybilrud has been an integral part of the creation and development of the walk since its inception 13 years ago. The 2-day event, a 20-mile walk on Saturday followed by a 10-mile walk on Sunday, is the flagship event for Its The journey, Inc.
Besides the work Sybilrud does with the 2-day walk, responsible for raising $1.1 million last year, she is on-hand to assist in any and every capacity. With Sybilrud involved since the beginning, she has helped the organization expand from 12 counties in the Metro Atlanta area to 90 counties in the state, while overseeing over $11 million in grants. Sybilrud’s impact and overall presence is truly irreplaceable.

Dev Staff