Peggy Coleman

Daily Point of Light # 5546 Aug 18, 2015

In the town of Meridian, MS, there are far too many people that go hungry. With many pockets of the community stricken with poverty, many of its people are uncertain when and from where their next meal will come. One of the people on the front line fighting to make a difference is Peggy Coleman.
For nearly 10 years now, Coleman has provided some relief to the grumbling stomachs of Meridian. In 2006, Coleman created Feed by Faith, a non-profit soup kitchen strategically housed in the most destitute area of Meridian, so that it is in close proximity to those who need it most. Feed by Faith serves any and every one looking for a hot meal.
Coleman did not just create the outlet to feed those that are hungry, but she is actually on-hand the majority of the week, assisting in operations, making sure demands are constantly met and stomachs are full. Coleman is on location five to six days a week, from open to close. Three of those days she is serving food, while the remainder of the week she does just about everything else. Whether it's cooking, cleaning, organizing, picking up donations or processing paperwork, Coleman does it all.
Feed by Faith is truly making a difference for the Meridian community. On an average day of meal service, upwards of 300 people receive meals they may otherwise not have access to. Besides feeding the hungry, Feed by Faith also provides services related to economic opportunity. They hold workshops teaching financial literacy and job training, they provide housing assistance as well as nutritional education – all very much needed in the community.
With Coleman’s dedication on display for the past 10 years, even though the hardships, it is safe to say Meridian is in good hands.

Dev Staff