Jody Farley-Berens

Daily Point of Light # 5545 Aug 17, 2015

Responsible for taking millions of lives, cancer leaves behind nothing but broken hearts and broken homes. Every day, there are families that feel that heartache. When Michelle Singleton passed away from breast cancer at the age of 30, she left behind four children who felt all of cancer’s ill effects. 
A very close friend of Singleton is Jody Farley-Berens. Devastated by her friend’s death, Farley-Berens used that heartache as a source of motivation and created Singleton Moms. Realizing the legacy Singleton left behind, and understanding that this is an issue all too common around the country, Farley-Berens started Singleton Moms to help other single parents in similar situations. Singleton Moms directly impacts the day-to-day life of single parents with cancer, providing the parent and their children with physical support, financial assistance and emotional encouragement.
For the past nine years, Farley-Berens has been the Founding Member and Executive Director of Singleton Moms. As a non-profit, Singleton Moms’ sole focus is to provide a strong support system for both the single parent stricken with cancer and their children. From fund raising to community outreach, Farley-Berens has helped develop and implement successful organizational programs geared toward making a difference in the lives of those in need. 
For those patients faced with the ills of cancer, the support of Singleton Moms is vital. Providing practical daily needs, such as healthy pre-prepped meals and house cleaning, is just one avenue of assistance. Cancer requires expensive treatment and often destroys one’s morale; Singleton Moms offers financial relief by helping patients with costly bills as well as emotional support through conversation and counseling. Singleton Moms supports over 60 single parents affected by cancer, as well as their children, making Farley-Beren’s impact truly amazing.

Dev Staff