Clocking In for Change: Volunteer Leader Inspires Co-Workers to Give Back

Daily Point of Light # 5821 Sep 6, 2016

To volunteer is special, to create a culture of volunteerism, where the idea of selflessness is fully embraced, is something extraordinary. Meet Raghawan Iyer – the Volunteer Champion.

While Raghawan’s day job consist of working with computers, he also spends a good portion of his time and energy working with people. With an aim at improving health and education conditions, while remaining environmentally conscience, Raghawan plays a positive part in impacting the world.

Working with Tata Consulting Services (TCS) Employee Volunteer Program, Raghawan is responsible for getting dozens of his fellow colleagues engaged in the community. As one of 250 Volunteer Champions nationwide, Raghawan serves as the point of contact for all of the employees in the Connecticut region.

“A Volunteer Champion is the liaison between TCS and all the employees,” said Pam Rodrigues, Manager of the TCS Employee Volunteer Program. “Raghawan not only volunteers himself, but he leads and organizes all volunteer activities for all the employees as well.”

The reasons why Raghawan deserves such recognition is obvious – it’s in the work he puts forth. From gathering a team of coworkers and planting trees on Earth Day, to encouraging 20 of his colleagues to visit local senior citizens, Raghawan is there to lead. Or whether he’s organizing bingo night, or taking part in a walk-for-charity, Raghawan consistently finds a way to help someone.

“It’s his passion and commitment that sets him apart,” said Rodrigues. “He’s a professional, he’s a father, he’s a husband, and he still a manages the time to give back to his community.”

Dev Staff