Cori Troiani

Daily Point of Light # 5658 Jan 21, 2016

Everyday, someone somewhere wakes up to the burden and challenges associated with cancer. Whether it’s a multitude of prescription pills, tiring chemotherapy sessions, or procedures like surgeries and transplants, the daily routine for someone stricken with Cancer is not easy.

For the many women who are tasked with overcoming the ills of Cancer, Cori Troiani is in there to provide as much care and support as needed. For the past seven years Troiani has volunteered at WomenCARE, an organization designed to assist women in their fight against cancer. WomenCARE, servicing certain areas of California, provides a bevy of resources to female cancer patients, as well as their families and friends. WomenCARE is on-hand during each stage of the jouney, from the diagnosis phase, to the healing and recovery stage, and even present in unfortunate cases that end in mortality. In the most difficult of times, WomenCARE acts as a safe haven of support, shared experiences and open hearts.

Troiani's services and her overall involvement are crucial to the well being of so many patients. She is truly a leader within the organization and serves as facilitator of volunteer services. She also leads a program called Arm-in-Arm which provides support for women with Advanced, Recurrent or Metastatic cancer.

The journey and everyday battle cancer patients face is indescribable. Facing a life threatening illness and going through vigorous treatment, the process is beyond difficult. But with the help of WomenCARE and volunteers like Cori Troiani, these patients are in good hands.

Dev Staff