David A. Mbiad

Daily Point of Light # 5543 Aug 13, 2015

Getting ready to welcome his first child, David Mbiad wasn’t prepared for what was to come. Instead of being angry and frustrated when he found out his baby girl was born deaf, Mbiad decided to embrace the challenge and provide his daughter with the love and affection she not only needs, but deserves.
While most people will be devastated to find out their child has a disability, Mbiad used the news as motivation. When his daughter Avery was born in 2008, Mbiad realized that getting upset about her situation didn’t help matters; so instead, he decided to immerse himself in the deaf community. Mbiad went from knowing nothing about the deaf community to being an advocate and spokesperson on their behalf.
“David doesn’t know it, and he’s very humble, but he is a walking inspiration for any parent, child or any individual who thinks a disability is the end of a normal, successful life,” said Carolyn Fray, Mbiad’s Aunt.
As a full time barber and part-time musician, Mbiad was forced to make the quick transition into an entirely new career. Instead of seeking some special tutelage, Mbiad taught himself sign language and became as proficient as they come. As a volunteer, with no formal schooling or degree in the field, Mbiad gives back his time by teaching deaf or hearing impaired children and their parents better ways to communicate and express themselves. His self-taught abilities are skilled enough to not only teach sign language to your average consumer, but at times, called on by several top educators to assist or teach their class.
Every day, whether small or large, there are challenges we all face. The determined nature and fervor in which David attacks his issues should serve as motivation for us all.

Dev Staff