David Zhao

Daily Point of Light # 4873 Oct 10, 2012

Bullying is no longer about the strong picking on the weak. Bullying has been replaced by a 24/7 online monster – cyber bullying. Children, teenagers and even adults that interact via social networking have fallen prey to cyber bullying – whether they have witnessed or experienced it.

David Zhao, a victim of cyber bullying in the past, co-founded the End to Cyber Bullying Organization in late 2011 in the effort to create a safer cyberspace. As the president of ETCB, he works with influential individuals to raise awareness, offer compassionate services and provide valuable information on cyber-bullying. With the aid of his Internet marketing firm, ETCB has reached more than 2 million online users within months of its incorporation.

Today, the End to Cyber Bullying Organization boasts more than 200 volunteers worldwide committed to inspiring others to take action and grow a safe cyber world. ETCB is continually reaching millions of online users across the globe. Its volunteers and board of directors are working hand-in-hand, starting ETCB initiatives and workshops in their respective communities around the world

Dev Staff