Della Stolsworth

Daily Point of Light # 4241 May 10, 2010

First Lady Michelle Obama said, “When I thought about the things I cared about, the things I was passionate about, service was always in there.” So too, for Della Stolsworth.
As members of the baby-boom generation near retirement age, the pool of potential volunteers with professional skills and time on their hands is growing rapidly. Nonprofits, under increasing economic pressure, need skilled help more than ever, but often don’t know how or where to find such assistance.
To connect these two groups, Della Stolsworth created the Pro-Bono Consultant (PBC) Program in 2003 to fill the gap. The Pro-Bono Consultant Program connects skilled professionals with area nonprofits eager to utilize their talents and experience in time-limited projects. Pro-Bono volunteers, consisting of transitioning adults, seniors and working professionals, help make meaningful contributions to their community through short-term, project-based service.
Della Stolsworth and her work with PBC is a shining example of what one volunteer leader can do. She works tirelessly to grow the PBC Program, utilizing her amazing combination of education and skills for the growth and success of volunteers and non-profit organizations.
To date over 200 projects are in progress thanks to Pro-Bono Consultant volunteers. The nature of the projects and the settings in which the volunteers operate are extremely varied. Projects have included everything from designing a membership survey for an environmental group to developing a public relations plan for a consumer advocacy group.
Della continues to advise others who express interest in starting a Pro-Bono program, generously donating her time to establish Pro-Bono programs based on her original model. Although she may be retiring from leading the Pro-Bono Consultant Program soon, Della has inspired volunteers of all ages to utilize their talents and time for the betterment of others.