Rich Puckett

Daily Point of Light # 4242 May 11, 2010

A champion for Big Brothers’ mentorship program, Rich Puckett calls on others to have a direct impact on local youth by taking on the role of mentor. When Rich was partnered with his “little brother” Dylan, he began to ask what he could do to help more boys like Dylan get partnered with a Big Brother.

As a result of those soul-searching moments, Rich formed a Recruitment Task Force for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast. Utilizing his personal experience as a mentor and mentee, Rich drives recruitment campaigns for Big Brothers Big Sisters. He writes appeal letters and reaches out to his personal and professional networks.

He campaigns to “Replicate, Replenish and Recreate” new “Big Brothers” for the organization’s unmatched students. Rich Puckett continues to impact not only his Little Brother Dylan, he also continues to build the BBBS organization by serving on the organization’s Corporate Board. While on the Corporate Board for Boys Club, Rich encouraged the organization, “not [to] rest until every child is matched and volunteers become the ones having to wait!” As a result of his leadership and dedication Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Sun Coast’s community partnerships topped 100 in number this year.

Rich’s impact is also seen in the increasing number of youth being partnered with the mentors they need in the Sarasota, Florida area because “just one child waiting [for a mentor] is too many!”