Devoted American Red Cross Volunteer Celebrates 15 Years of Service

Daily Point of Light # 6068 Aug 17, 2017

At 81 years of age, Dottie is one of the most loyal and dedicated volunteers at the American Red Cross. She has faithfully volunteered every Friday for the last 15 years and puts donors at ease by greeting them with her infectious smile as they enter the blood drive site. She also makes sure they have a snack after they have donated. Dottie stands ready to answer the frequent call of assisting mobile blood drive units around the city, driving herself to each site. Even after being involved in a serious accident, she was concerned about getting back to her volunteer duties, understanding how difficult it can be for the Red Cross to obtain faithful volunteers to assist with blood drives. Dottie is so loving that no one can leave without her giving them a hug, and she has become a beloved grandmother figure to all she meets.

Jia Gayles