Dorothy Murphy

Daily Point of Light # 3174 Apr 5, 2006

Dorothy Murphy is a model citizen as well as an exemplary volunteer. She dedicates her life to helping people, and she is involved with Foster Care and Development Services. Foster Care and Development Services provides residents of Daytona Beach necessary services for groups that are sometimes overlooked.

Most people who are residents of Daytona Beach and are a part of the nonprofit sector are familiar with Murphy. On a daily basis, she does a variety of things to help her family and friends as well as anyone else in need. She takes the time to aid people in the community who have transportation issues. On any given day, you may see Murphy taking someone to the grocery store or to much needed doctor appointments. Murphy has a genuine concern for people in general. She is like family to many who do not have a great support network and visits people in the hospital almost daily. Murphy provides companionship and conversation while also making sure they eat.

Murphy takes the time to serve in Daytona Beach, while also raising her granddaughters and supplying them with the love and attention she needs. Her life not only touches people in the community, but her granddaughters are watching every move she makes. Seeing her making the time to volunteer shows that it is important to her, and she hopes to pass on community service to them also.

Many of the business owners in the Daytona Beach area appreciate Murphy and the time she gives to the community. She is concerned with her others and does not just talk about it. Murphy is a woman of action and has community members she regularly checks up on at their homes to make sure they are in good health and doing the things they need to. If she finds something that may be a little more for her to handle, Murphy finds the appropriate service agency and directs her neighbors to the same.