Karl Flagg

Daily Point of Light # 3175 Apr 6, 2006

Karl N. Flagg is the Mayor for the city of Palatka, the pastor of Mount Tabor First Baptist Church and the owner & director of the Serenity Memorial Chapel Funeral Home. With a schedule as his, you would wonder how he finds the time to render volunteer acts of kindness or service.

Rev. Flagg is always taking the time to encourage our youth to strive for excellence. He is a mentor for the middle school students in Putnam County and is a constant visitor to the sick at the local hospital. Rev. Flagg does not know how to say “NO”. He is the epitome of a godly man that lets his light shine so that others will see the goodness and want to follow him. The senior citizens all marvel over his ability to communicate and understand their needs. He is a counselor and a conflict mediator. He volunteers on the ministerial task force to go out in the neighborhoods to help deter acts of crimes. He helps set policy that will enable the citizens of Putnam County to have a better way and more productive life.

The benefits of these efforts could be measured in the number of students that attend Mount Tabor First Baptist Church that passed the FCAT test with significant gains. Another benefit would be the decrease in the number of crimes reported in Putnam County. Another benefit would be that Palatka is listed on the historical registry and under the leadership of Rev. Flagg, the citizens all have a high regard for this young man and respect his opinions. He encourages others to work hard, dream big and never take your eyes off of your goal.

Rev. Flagg is a visionary leader and he sets high expectations for himself. He encourages others to think out of the box. He is unusual in that he never complains and is a master at juggling all the things that he does and still find the time to help his fellow man.