DPOL -Carolyn Farb

Daily Point of Light # 5738 May 12, 2016

Carolyn Farb has been a Texas fundraising legend since the early 1980s, perfecting the art of staging classy charity events that, to date, have raised over $50 million for more than 100 charitable organizations.Few forms of volunteer work seem more glamorous than hosting fabulous galas – wearing designer gowns, mingling with celebrities, appearing before television cameras and posing for photographers – all while collecting six- or even seven-figure donations for good causes. Carolyn, one of the most successful and enduring fundraisers in Texas, has nailed the genre, staging classy charity events that attract affluent and influential people and inspire them to pull out their checkbooks over and over, year after year. Grateful charities adore her. Wealthy donors, who are inundated with requests for money and invitations to events, respect her. Aspiring fundraisers want to be like her. Meanwhile, Farb is pushing aside exhaustion, completing thank-you calls and notes, following up with donors, keeping painstaking records, and tracking how donations are used. Already, she’s brainstorming how to make the next social function even more special. For champions of worthy causes who’d love to better compete for benefactors in their own communities, Farb appears the ultimate role model. Those who’ve worked with Farb say it’s her passion for each cause, along with her willingness to do unglamorous hard work, that wins over even the most skeptical patrons.

Dev Staff