Dwight Howard

Daily Point of Light # 6287 Jun 20, 2018

Long recognized for his incredible talent, the NBA’s Dwight Howard shines both on and off the court. An NBA Community Assist Award winner and five-time winner of the DeVos Community Enrichment Award.

In 2012, he founded the D12 Foundation, which seeks to strategically and effectively help close critical community “gaps” in three key areas of focus: early childhood education and literacy, facilitating the education of girls in East Africa, and empowering youth and developing leadership. Dwight champions girls’ education in Tanzania, providing safe housing and school essentials for young women pursuing their education. Additionally, he adds his voice to the challenges facing youth through engagement in mentorship, including at the Boys and Girl Club bearing his name in Charlotte.

A native of Atlanta, Dwight spoke at Service Unites 2018 with Points of Light Chairman Neil Bush on the importance of service.

Amanda Knowles