EOLC Volunteer Program

Daily Point of Light # 4709 Feb 24, 2012

End-of-Life Consultation (EOLC) volunteers work to create an atmosphere free from judgment where everyone can talk about, and come to terms with, the difficult issues surrounding death and dying.
Each year, the committed EOLC volunteers advise thousands of clients in their search for a peaceful, humane death. Throughout the nation, individuals are empowered by this information and support and EOLC volunteers have helped many people understand they don’t need to reach for violent means to end their lives if suffering becomes unbearable.
EOLC volunteers are trained to work directly with individual clients who live within their communities and help them effectively navigate the healthcare system, gain access to effective palliative and hospice care, complete advance medical directives, and stay in charge of their own dying.
Unlike many end-of-life organizations, EOLC is not affiliated with any religion, nor does it promote one ethical or belief system but rather honor all people as individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, race or any other category.
The EOLC volunteers provide people with hope at one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. They stand ready to help all terminally ill and mentally competent patients understand their options at life’s end, how to access comfort care and facilitate a peaceful death. This is what makes the members of the EOLC Volunteer Program Daily Points of Light.