Yooha Park

Daily Point of Light # 4708 Feb 23, 2012

When Yooha Park was in eighth grade, she founded Stories of Our Lives, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the stories of senior citizens through interviewing and scrapbooking.
Through Stories of Our Lives, high school and college students go to their local assisted living community several times a month and interview residents about their lives. Afterwards, they gather together in the activities room and work with residents in creating a scrapbook that displays a typed narrative-style life story alongside with pictures that relate to what the residents are passionate about.
Ever since Stories of Our Lives has been active in her community, the elderly residents always look forward to the students coming and have developed strong rapports with the members. The interviews have allowed residents to remember moments in their lives they had forgotten about and the scrapbooks enlighten staff members and relatives about how wonderful the lives of the residents are.
Now that families have heard about the great work Stories of Our Lives, Yooha’s organization, has been doing, many relatives have tried to make more of an effort to visit these residents. They have been encouraged by the volunteers’ efforts to hear life stories and lessons from our senior citizens.
Yooha has led her organization to share the life stories of residents to the younger generation and has made a lasting impact in the lives of the senior citizens she spends time with. This is what makes Yooha a Daily Point of Light.