Erik Richardson

Daily Point of Light # 5566 Sep 15, 2015

Take a look around. We are living in a world where technology and the advancement of science is growing everyday. Advanced mathematics is helping us quantify all we see around us while growth in engineering explains the vast improvements in society. For many children, it is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) that  will guide their future.

As a teacher and mentor for many years, Erik Richardson has seen first-hand the impact education plays on a child's early development. Dedicated to adolescent education, Richardson is an active volunteer at FIRST Robotics, helping introduce children to a whole new world of opportunities.

"I volunteer because as a teacher, I have seen time and time again how much of a difference it can make to spark a child's imagination," said Richardson.

In the field of Robotics, dreaming is encouraged and possibilities are endless. As a coach and mentor for FIRST robotics, Richardson has helped spread awareness and increase involvement in STEM activities, as well as assisting with organizing and fundraising for the local robotic clubs. His coaching and mentoring of the robotic teams has reached over 100 high school and over 40 middle school students.

Richardson’s work with outreach programs has influenced thousands of additional students. For example, he helps run the largest LEGO robotics tournament in his home state of Wisconsin,  helped organize the Tedx Youth conference, does workshops with Boy Scouts, as well as public demonstrations at schools, libraries and museums.

Richardson is truly a pioneer, not just in robotics but for the children. He has helped produce the first ever Spanish-English children's book on robotics and founded a new science and math based non-profit, Every Einstein.

While STEM becomes even more prevalent in society, teachers like Erik Richardson will continue to prepare the next generation.

Dev Staff