George Kelly

Daily Point of Light # 5530 Jul 27, 2015

A teacher’s job can be very challenging at times. It's hard enough getting through to a single child, so just imagine how difficult it must be with a classroom consisting of 30 children. While the need for teachers will always be in high demand, the need for a teacher assistant is just as crucial.

George Kelly of San Francisco, CA, has been a volunteer teacher's aide for nearly two decades. Every Wednesday for 17 years, Kelly has been making a special trip to Harvey Milk’s Civil Rights Academy, where he helps kindergarten students improve their reading and writing skills. Consistently on hand to tutor and mentor these children, Kelly's involvement has become ingrained in the classroom's culture. While students are thrilled to see Mr. Kelly every Wednesday morning, no one is happier than kindergarten teacher Ms. Leanne Francis.

Ms. Francis’ job entails catering to a classroom full of five year olds. While it is a pleasure for her to teach these children, it can definitely be a tiresome task. So, that one day a week, for those few hours, Ms. Francis embraces Kelly’s help.

The impact Kelly has made truly withstands the test of time. Evidence of that is in fact that his very first volunteered class is nearing their college graduation.

Kelly’s enthusiasm to make a difference at Harvey Milk Academy goes beyond the classroom. Realizing the workload of teachers like Ms. Francis, Kelly recruits local volunteers to assist other teachers at the Academy. Understanding that there is a serious demand for tutors, Kelly has reached out on several fronts. Whether it’s speaking at district-wide parent orientations, setting up recruiting tables, or raising donations by reaching out to local businesses, Kelly continues to fight to create a better learning environment.

Dev Staff