Lisa Milk

Daily Point of Light # 5531 Jul 28, 2015

In many cities, it is not uncommon to see a stray dog perusing the streets. Homeless, possibly wounded, these dogs are fighting for their survival. Fortunately for them, No Paws Left Behind (NPLB) is there to help.

NPLB is an organization that rescues dogs from the street and from kill shelters then finds them a permanent home. Their services extend throughout the entire state of Florida, assisting with the overall protection and placement of these pets. While the organization has shown commitment to evoke change, it is the direct efforts of Lisa Milk that has served as the building blocks for NPLB.

First volunteering in the summer of 2014, Milk's involvement with NPLB cannot be overstated. She started out transporting saved dogs throughout Florida to their new homes. She also conducted several site inspections of prospective adopters, ensuring that the adoptive pet owners matched the NPLB criteria. With Milk's volunteer efforts becoming more frequent, she quickly became NPLB's most active and trusted volunteer.

In less than a year, Milk has impacted NPLB tremendously. Though she has participated in over 65 volunteer activities and saved over 100 dogs, it is Milk's continued dedication that has led to a transformation in NPLB's entire infrastructure.

With the NPBL Board taking notice of Milk's commitment, she was invited to join NPLB in an administrative capacity. Joining in its infancy, Milk has helped the NPLB grow greatly. Assuming the role of CFO, Milk helped transition NPLB from just an organization that cares, into a licensed and registered 501(c) (3) Anchornon-profit company. From a once-a-week volunteer to head of financial and administrative work, Milk continues to not only be an asset to NPLB, but for their furry friends as well.

Dev Staff