Jennifer Leary

Daily Point of Light # 5255 Jul 7, 2014

Emergency responders are brave and necessary beings that take on risk to save and help others. Unfortunately, their services can only reach so far and often our furry friends are neglected in the midst of emergency situations.

Jennifer Leary, a Philadelphia firefighter and American Red Cross emergency responder, left too many disaster scenes panged with regret as she wished she could do more for the family pets. In 2011 Jennifer founded Red Paw Emergency Relief Team which provides emergency transport, shelter, and veterinary care to animals involved in residential fires and other disasters. Their mission is to assist displaced pets and their people 24/7, free of charge and to ensure that ALL family members are taken care of during a disaster in their home.

On average, there are three to four residential fires every day in Philadelphia. Pets are often in need of emergency services, and Red Paw provides food, shelter, transport, and emergency vet care to animals displaced by disaster free of charge. Red Paw is available 24/7 and in its first year responded to nearly 200 calls and helped over 350 pets.

Animals in Red Paw care were spayed/neutered and vaccinated at no cost to the owners. But the real success is that 75% of rescued pets are reunited with their families and the remaining 25 % are adopted to loving homes. There are no similar organizations addressing this need, so Jennifer and the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team are doing a tremendous service.

The Red Paw team is always looking for support and we hope you will find a way to contribute to this cause. People have the fire department and Red Cross for times of help in emergency situations, pets now have the Red Paw Emergency Relief Team!

Dev Staff