John Canakaris

Daily Point of Light # 3903 Jan 19, 2009

Dr. John Canakaris has volunteered at the Free Medical Clinic in Flagler County for more than three years. Before Dr. Canakaris, there was no ambulance service, no Emergency Medical Response Team and no Medical Society. Before Dr. Canakaris, there was no free Medical Clinic!

Prior to the inception of the Free Medical Clinic, residents of Flagler County had to use the Flagler Hospital emergency room for normal doctor's office visits. According to the CHCPP report in 2006, the hospital has saved about $211,937 since the Free Medical Clinic opened its doors to provide assistance to the uninsured.

Dr. Canakaris has a vision to help the many people who have fallen between the cracks. He knows there are many who are unable to afford insurance, yet some of those same people do not qualify for Medicaid. Dr. Canakaris opened his office to start the Free Medical Clinic and obtained sovereign immunity.

Dr. Canakaris has served as Medical Director of the Flagler County Free Medical Clinic since it opened its doors. He is the founder of the Flagler County Medical Society and is still actively involved in that organization as well. He has proven through his involvement in many organizations in the Flagler community that he is an outstanding example of selfless giving for the benefit of others.