John McClure Robinson, III

Daily Point of Light # 5577 Sep 30, 2015

The city of Caledonia, Missouri is a small, quaint town filled with loving residents. With a population of only 130 people, what the town may lack in numbers makes up for with its compassion.

One of the truly compassionate individuals of Caledonia is life-long resident John Robinson III. Born and raised in the town, Robinson is now Mayor Of Caledonia, while also holding several other prominent positions in the region. Mayor Robinson has been a pillar in the community for decades, volunteering his time and energy for the town in which he loves.

"Caledonia is special place … If I had to describe it one word, I would simply say it's  'home'," said Robinson.

While Caledonia is home for Robinson, it's also a place that represents his family legacy. His grandfather, John Robinson, was a leader in the Caledonia community, helping create the very first school district. Robinson III has decided to follow in the family's footsteps .

Along with his mayoral duties, Robinson III serves as Chair of the Caledonia Community Betterment organization. This organization under Robinson's leadership has hosted numerous youth programs and blood drives. They also engaged nearby students to assist with cleaning the local village park as well as helping plant trees.

Noticing a need for scholarships for many of the rural high school students, Robinson established a family scholarship. Since 2008, the Robinson Family Scholarship Fund has been helping seniors pursue their college dreams.

Robinson's willingness to help the people of Caledonia is what makes him special. He doesn't give back because he has to, he does it because he truly cares.


Dev Staff