Master Sergeant Patricia A. Baisden

Daily Point of Light # 5576 Sep 29, 2015

One who is willing to volunteer also possesses the power to create change. If that is to be true, then Master Sergeant Patricia Baisden is truly a hero.

For over 27 years, Baisden has been at the forefront of change. Whether it is serving the military or serving her community, her volunteerism has greatly impacted her surroundings. Baisden has led efforts to improve the quality of life for Veterans, as well as assisted with projects benefitting children. In all those years, her commitment has not once wavered.

“With very limited funds most community projects need volunteers to make them a success,” said Baisden. "I started my volunteer career when I became the proud mother of my first son in little league sports.”

Whether she is creating an entirely new project or simply volunteering a few hours  for her son’s sports, Baisden’s leadership and devotion is poured into every task. Her Toys4Tots program, giving children gifts during the holidays,  is now in its ninth year, while her Scholarship Contest for high school students is now embarking on its sixth year.

Baisden’s knack to care for others was even recognized by the United States Army as she received the Outstanding Volunteer Award while stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Once a month she host VA Claims Workshops to help Veterans and active duty, as well as their families, get the benefits they deserve.

From military personnel to the precious children of this nation, Baisden is helping transform the lives of people who truly matter. When she is not writing and protesting to reform military policy, she is helping fight childhood obesity through the her company, Baisden Healthzone, LLC. Volunteers as dedicated as Baisden are the true pillars of this nation.

Dev Staff