Julie Anne Young

Daily Point of Light # 5046 Sep 17, 2013

In the greater Dallas area, as in any community across these United States, there are individuals who are alone, isolated, struggling with daily life challenges, depression, and in some dark moments, considering suicide as a way to end their deep pain. Through CONTACT Crisis Line, Julie Anne Young is able to bring a trained listening ear and give people the ability to move from a breaking point to a turning point in their life.

CONTACT Crisis Line provides individuals facing daily life challenges with 24-hour free, confidential listening, comfort, and connection to resources, education and emergency assistance. As a CONTACT volunteer, Young provides direct service on the front line–answering crisis helpline calls 12 hours each week. She combines her wellspring of compassion with CONTACT’s crisis intervention model to bring hope, care, and comfort to the lonely, confused, marginalized, and isolated members of the Dallas community. From someone having a rough day to contemplating their last day, Young is the one to answer their call, to be that someone when they feel they have no one.

Young started her service at CONTACT in October 2009. Since then, Young has deepened her involvement to serving 12 hours each week answering crisis calls. She answered more than 3,900 calls during her time at CONTACT. However, Young’s work does not stop there. She trains new volunteers, and has provided training support to more than 80 new volunteers; developing, coaching, leading, and nurturing others to help build up new ranks of crisis line volunteers.

Through her work as a skill-group facilitator, she shares with new volunteers the breadth of her knowledge and the artfulness of an experienced teacher – allowing her students to arrive organically at important concepts. As a mentor, Young is both kind and direct, giving new volunteers valuable feedback to develop their skills.

Lastly, Young assists with the annual volunteer re-certifications, which is crucial in volunteer retention and advancing the aptitude of all answering the crisis line.

Young is a ‘giver’ in the true sense of the word. She understands the inherent benefit of service to her community.

Dev Staff