Justin Willis

Daily Point of Light # 5650 Jan 11, 2016

Every child deserves a safe space to grow and have fun. Unfortunately, issues such as bullying hinders such growth. With one out of four teens admitting to have been bullied, and close to 15 percent of teens even contemplating suicide, bullying should no longer be viewed as an inevitable part of a childhood.

In 2010, Justin Willis founded Coaches Against Bullying (CAB). Hoping to eradicate the ills stemming from childhood bullies, Willis is on a mission. CAB uses a student centered approach, and details a step-by-step process and set of interventions to put a halt to bullying. With the focus and participation from students, CAB inspires children to come together to put an end to peer mental and physical abuse.

For more than a decade Willis has made education and giving back to youth a focal point of his life. Serving as an educational leader in east Texas, he has engaged thousands of youth challenging them to take a stand against bullying.

“Willis has inspired students all over Texas to report all bullying incidents,” said teacher and coach Greg Emerson. “I worked with Justin for three years and he really is an inspiration to me and for all students he encounters.”

Willis conducts presentations in different school districts throughout the year to emphasize the importance of reporting bullying. His presentations consist of research based strategies to help relate to students, as well as discuss the positive impact coaches can have on school culture.

Willis' district wide presentations have helped create an anonymous drop box for students to report any form of bullying. Every school he visits adopts this drop box to allow students and teachers to feel open and safe about confronting bullying. Willis’ actions will foster a positive atmosphere for all children and can possibly help save a life.




Dev Staff