Kamille Amour Banks

Daily Point of Light # 5605 Nov 9, 2015

While there is billions of people on this earth, it is impossible difficult to find two people who are exactly alike. Whether it’s in appearance or in personality, we all are different. Unfortunately, those differences are often used to separate and tear people apart. From contrasting cultures to varying languages, it is the differences in each of us that must be embraced.

Kamille Banks is helping change the way we view our neighbor. Just because someone looks different from you or speaks another language, doesn't mean they are any less of a person. Kamille's ‘Teach & Reach’ initiative uses everyone's unique differences as a way to unite. ‘Teach & Reach’ was created to help combat issues of racism, bullying and prejudices that exist within the community.

Kamille's inspiration for ‘Teach & Reach’ was born through her experiences. After constant bullying in school, simply because she looked different from some of her peers, Kamille decided to do something.

"I was amazed and inspired at how she transformed her pain into something of value – her project – Teach & Reach,” said Kamille’s mother, Kimberly Banks.

With bullying being a very real and prominent issue in schools, Kamille's initiative for children facing similar hardships has made a difference.

'Teach & Reach' has been integrated in the community for the past two years. While volunteering at a summer camp, Kamille initially introduced her project to a group of 150 children, all between the ages of five and 12. Sharing details of different cultures, such as common customs, food, language, etc, Kamille has been able to turn negative connotations into positive learning opportunities.

Our differences should be encouraging rather than discouraging. As Kamille knows, an opportunity to share your individual uniqueness is as always an opportunity to ‘Teach & Reach’ those in the community.


Dev Staff