Shirley & Bob Woodward

Daily Point of Light # 5606 Nov 10, 2015

Imagine needing medical attention with no hospital in sight. For areas like southwest Virginia, when medical aid is often too far or unaffordable, the local residents are fortunate to have the Health Wagon.

The Heatlh Wagon is a mobile healthcare facility located in the Appalachian mountains in the coalfields of southwest Virginia. The Wagon is an innovative model for healthcare delivery. Because of the desolate and remote region, patients have a difficult time commuting to health facilities. The Health Wagon actually brings the treatment to the patient at no additional cost.

While the Health Wagon is essential to the livelihood of those in the Appalachian Mountains, it is Bob and Shirley Woodward's actions that are essential to the Health Wagon.

"Shirley and Bob have volunteered at the Heath Wagon for nearly a decade," said David Meade, the Director of Operations for the Health Wagon. "It is not the uniqueness necessarily of their dedication to the Health Wagon, it is instead their tireless consistency that separates them from other volunteers."

While the Woodwards are on-site weekly, their impact is present in so many capacities.    Whether it's helping with a routine daily activity or helping promote the health wagon as an ambassador, the Woodwards have continued to show their commitment to the community.

Bob and Shirley also assist with the Health Wagon's annual fair. They help plan, coordinate and execute this once-a-year mobile health event in which medical, vision, hearing and dental services are all provided.

The importance of the health wagon can not be overstated. While the Health Wagon is there to assist those in need, it is Bob and Shirley who is there, and will continue to be there, to assist the Health Wagon.




Dev Staff