Katie Lopez

Daily Point of Light # 5396 Jan 20, 2015

When it comes to maintaining a career outside the home, many military spouses face an uphill climb. So many factors stack up against the possibility of sustaining a professional career, from frequent relocation to the lack of opportunities surrounding the military installation, and the often inflexible schedules that exist around a military member’s assignment. But one young military spouse is volunteering her time at Fort Campbell to help create job opportunities for other career-minded military spouses

Katie Lopez established the Fort Campbell chapter of In Gear Career, connecting career minded military spouses with professional development and networking. By facilitating meetings between community leaders and spouses pursuing job opportunities over the past year, Katie is helping her peers build their own networks to create referrals for possible employment. Katie has expanded the local Fort Campbell chapter to include 40 military spouse members as well as nearly a dozen community partnerships that include non-profits, city offices and local educational institutions.

Now the chapter has grown to include professional development events and lasting community partnerships that have enabled spouses to meet key community leaders. And after months of networking herself and building community relationships, Katie found her dream job, directing military and governmental affairs for the local chamber of commerce.

Dev Staff