Kaye Foltz

Daily Point of Light # 5009 Jul 26, 2013

Kaye Foltz recognized a need at Carlyle Place going unfulfilled. Therefore, she worked with the organization to create a volunteer opportunity providing services to older adults.

In 2012, Foltz approached the staff at Carlyle Place, a not-for-profit Continuous Care Retirement Community, seeking volunteer opportunities because she was soon to retire. Soon after her service began at the community, Foltz discovered the residents needed assistance in their weekly shopping trips. The staff at the community was unaware there was such a need for this particular service within their residential facility.

Foltz created a volunteer opportunity at the senior community to meet this need. Foltz has made it her main commitment at the facility to accompany residents to the grocery store each week, help them locate the items they need, and assist them with their bags, ultimately making it possible for residents to continue to be engaged in their surrounding community.

Some of the residents were asked what her service means to them the following are their response:

“She is so nice and helpful”

“She is very accommodating and very helpful.”

“When I go to Wal-Mart Kaye goes out of her way to help me find the items or just go and get them for me which saves time and lets me continue shopping.”

“She’s one of the greatest things I’ve encountered since I moved in to Carlyle Place. She is so helpful and willing to do anything. Having been a volunteer myself for over 20 years – I know a good one when I see one. She is just good and she reminds me of myself.”

“She is very faithful & caring person. She makes sure that we each find what we need, even if she has to walk all over the store and come back to tell us. She’s happy, she smiles a lot, and has a real compassion for us. She is a fun person. Works well with our driver Leslie. We know when Kaye comes out the door the bus will soon be here.”

“She’s great – I am vision impaired and she always available when I need help at the store when I need assistance to find what I want. She’s great about that…Not only is she a good helper – she’s so cheerful, she always wears bright clothes and you can’t help but smile when you see her.”

“I’m delighted that Kaye Foltz has received this award, she is resourceful, energetic, and extremely cheerful. She helps us off the bus and due to my vision problems she helps me in the store to find what I need. She is an indispensable part of the Carlyle Community.”

Dev Staff